Expansive, intelligent, stunning.


And I'm just talking about the beards, wait until you see the games.

Filament is a laid back, story-rich and fully narrated puzzle game centred around solving sets of cable-based puzzles whilst exploring a seemingly abandoned spaceship.

Filament began as a game jam entry to the week-long Epic Megajam, where it placed as one of the winners. Since then, it has entered full development with the number of puzzles continuing to grow and new mechanics being implemented. On top of this, a full original soundtrack is in the works, as well as extensive narration.



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A three-man team whose sole focus, despite a very vocal enthusiasm for beards, is to make quirky and compelling games. Two games artists and a visual effects artist, we began making games together when we took part in a game jam on a whim. Since then, and after a number of other game jams, we decided to pursue our passion and make games independently. Currently working full time on our puzzle game Filament, we think you'll love it, check out the trailer above!

And for now, we walk this world guided by The Great Emanating Beard, submitting to its every will.



Big beard, bigger heart. A fine and memorable specimen, sullied only by an unwillingness to adorn with Viking memorabilia. *



The Nisan Micra of beards, sounds good on paper, but once you see it you can't help but laugh, followed by a deep and earnest sympathy for its owner. *



The facial hair equivalent of a safe pair of hands. Neither noteworthy or unnoteworthy, like the second instalment of The Mummy franchise. But, when push comes to shove, you're glad it's there. *

*All facial hair reviews interpreted from the formation of beard trimmings in our sink, our primary means of communication with The Great Emanating Beard.



The Great Emanating Beard is not bound by the physical world. Despite this, he is most often found residing somewhere just outside of London. 


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